Oh how I love Thursdays! Gladly, the day went by fairly quick because I kept myself busy at work. A morning intern for my afternoon boss sits in the office right next to mine and we felt so old talking about classes we took at UW (he’s also a senior). My brother is up here for Freshman orientation and it feels like 10 years ago when I was at my first UW A&O session. I’m starting to get nervous about life post graduation… everything feels so uncertain, but maybe it’s just me. Bleh, I blame the gloomy weather for my current train of thought.

Turkey burgers for dinner tonight! I’m trying to eat healthier ..ish. Okay, fine. I’m guilty…. I went to happy hour yesterday w/ Mel and Ant after work. It was good and worth it! Speaking of food, I’m researching some good restaurants to take my bro and his friends to for dinner tomorrow.

4 day weekend up ahead!


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