I know that change can usually lead to something good, but it’s soo hard to adjust to it. I probably dwell on everything too much and it’s hard for me to let go easily.

I’m really sad the family van is gone ~ I grew up with it and there were so many memories of my childhood up until last weekend that I will never, ever forget. All of my made up games with my cousin Lisa and little bro Lenny, the 483920 weddings that I went to, my grandpas’ funerals, birthdays, trips, vacations, etc all happened in that van. The van was even synonymous to us and our family visits.

I’m sad Anthony is moving out of his townhouse (yet excited for his new apartment at the same time). After he cleared out most of his belongings and big furniture in there, I was upstairs just looking around and the fact that he is really moving out hit me. We met in that house on his birthday and it has all been history since then. It was fun and convenient being neighbors, but I guess his new place will be a new adventure (vs going back and forth to each other’s townhouses, which both feel the same).

Lastly, my roommate and one of my best friends whom I met in Freshman year is moving back to Hawaii at the end of the weekend. Has one year passed already? It will be hard, but I know I will be making trips to Hawaii to visit and vice verse. We definitely will keep in touch!

Phew..I think I just needed to sit down and take a breather. I feel much better after writing this..I guess change isn’t so bad. There’s something new to look forward to and I suppose I just need to get use to all of this 🙂


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