Hello Senior Year!

My last and final year at UW (assuming my plans are on track) started today! Has 3 years already passed? My parents and I helped my little bro move into the dorms last Thursday. The kids are officially out of the house and I’m sure it’s quiet back home. Just like when I moved out, my grams shed some tears when Lenny left :(. On a more positive note, he is enjoying his time up here– exploring the city and school with his new roomies as well as floor mates. I remember when that was me a few years back….

My first day was short. I had my Chinese class, which is PACKED with “nguoi my” (look up the word in a Vietnamese dictionary..) so I feel a lot better knowing that the majority are on the same skill level as I am. I can’t wait to finish my last year of classes up. I’m still thinking about whether or not I want to continue and go on to graduate school or take my series tests. Lots to think about in the next few months, but I’m pretty set on my plans.

I ran into quite a few people whom I met back during Freshmen year today, which was ironic. I enjoy those awkward waves and small chats 🙂 I’m sure I will miss UW alot once I’m gone, but in the mean time, I’m going to try and enjoy my last year. I definitely feel old walking around and seeing new Freshmen running around with their maps :).


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