Finally Stress Free!

This quarter has been the busiest one yet, so I haven’t had time to update wordpress. To be frank, I forgot about it until recently when my friend decided she was going to start blogging. Welcome to WordPress Bri!

I’ve barely seen daylight this last week as I’ve been occupied with papers, exams and work. Okay, I’m lying. I was able to fit in a double date, Dubsea Coffee’s grand opening event, a quick shopping trip and yeah, you get the point :). It feels amazing to know that I have this weekend FREE from any unnecessary stress. I have noticed that as I get older, I worry and stress out a lot more about minor things. It totally runs in the family!

I’m multi-tasking right now..updating, studying for a quiz and searching for a good dessert recipe for Thanksgiving dinner. Last year I made a double layer pumpkin cheesecake, but I want to change it up a bit this year. Recommendations would be helpful!


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