As my one and only final is getting nearer (this Saturday), I’m getting more and more nervous! My teacher hasn’t given us the review yet, so I’m not 100% sure on what to study so I’ve tried to just go to previous chapters and learn the Chinese vocab. I just hope I do well in the class! I tried sooo heard this quarter so it better pay off!

I’ve also been obsessively checking to see if my professor has posted our final grade for my environmental class. We took our final on Sunday, but he hasn’t finished grading yet! I’m getting so anxious. I’m doing fine in the class now, but I am curious to see what the curve will be! I hope .6 is added to my grade because then I could get a 4.0! Wahoo!

For the rest of the week, there isn’t anything else going on. I’m going to study like crazy for the next three days just cause I am determined to do well. Oh! One new thing is my roommate and I decorated the townhouse for the holiday’s and it looks great! We got a tree, a new table cloth, candles, vases w/ ornaments, etc.  I’ll post some pictures on here for you to see when I have time later to take them.

Happy studying!


One thought on “Nervous!

  1. bgooding says:

    its kinda sad that your only final is this saturday. I’m glad I dont have any finals on the weekends. I cant wait to go home and decorate my house for the holidays. My parents have been waiting for me to come home so that we can get a tree.

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