Not All Good Things Come To An End!

Happy Monday! It feels so good to come home after work and just relax without having to deal with homework. I took the day off tomorrow to just reward myself for the hard work I put in this quarter. The plan is to finish up my shopping tomorrow and start wrapping. I have a few things to ship off to Hawaii and then I’m all set.

My weekend started off horribly and I honestly had to think hard to see if I had done something bad to deserve all of those continuous events happening at once! Anyhow, to my surprise..everything has gotten better so the start of my week has been great so far. I’m looking forward to going home this weekend to see family, decorate the tree, eat good food, etc.

I finally got a planner and am trying to use it daily. Best thing invented ever and honestly, I of all people should have started using this thing years ago. I tend to forget this or that or accidently double book things. That has all been changed thanks to this lovely little engagement planner.


4 thoughts on “Not All Good Things Come To An End!

  1. jfo says:

    so really are going to Hawaii?’s kind of weird thinking that I don’t have’s starting to sink in finally since I’ve returned from my China studies!

  2. lillytran says:

    I know I want to for sure so hopefully yes to i am really going! How was China? Post some pics!

  3. Melanie says:

    LILLY! I just got a planner too and it really makes life a lot simpler! Where did you get your’s from? I wish I got mine from a store like Walmart instead of Office Depot because the ones at Walmart are so much cuter.

    I can’t access your most recent post. Is your password still the same?

  4. lillytran says:

    aw thanks for the comment! i was happy to hear from u 🙂 my planner was a little gift from tiff and it’s from Barnes & Noble. I’ll have to check your LJ for posts!

    The post you couldn’t read was protected just for 1 person but i’ll fb u the password.

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