Break has been amazing so far! No fancy trips outside of the states or anything, but I’ve had some good family bonding time. We spent part of Christmas in O-town and the other part of xmas (+ sat & sun) in Seattle– best of both worlds. I’m so lucky and fortunate to have such amazing people around me.

I watched Avatar over the weekend w/ the kiddies, which was fun. I haven’t been to the movies with them since the first or second shrek movie came out. Not sure what the hype is about, but the movie wasn’t bad though. Lots of pretty scenes, but the story wasn’t too original. The younger ones enjoyed it though and I think my cousins who were under 13 liked the backgrounds in Pandora, but didn’t understand the story too much haha.

I’m looking forward to just spending more time at home for the rest of break and seeing Ant & Ace on Thurs. 🙂


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