Last Week of Winter Qtr.

All I can say to my subject line is HALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH! I am counting down the days until my last and final assignment is due for winter qtr ’10. Today is the first official day that I start studying for finals. I can easily say that it is NOT surreal that Spring quarter is just around the quarter. haha! This quarter has been way too long and I’m sure everyone is ready for it to be over already.

There is another mini weekend trip to Montreal, Canada somewhat ‘in the works’ for this May, but I’m not sure if I can or will be able to go yet..most likely not. It’s tough to predict how busy school will be and for the last weekend in May, it may be too close and risky to leave. Wouldn’t that be fun though?! I’ve never been to Montreal before..hopefully someday.

Linh- If you are reading this, I expect a new post from you 😉

To everyone else– good luck w/ exams, job searches, and the rest of the quarter!


2 thoughts on “Last Week of Winter Qtr.

  1. lillytran says:

    for real? right now, job searching sounds soo much better than exams!! at least you can help out Khang’s mom at the station and meet cool people! 😀

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