First For Everything!

So..I tried to escape the house for awhile to get away from my laptop because there’s ALWAYS something to look at and for some reason, the best time to read up on things and surf the net is when I’m studying…. I managed without my laptop for two hours and just had Ant bring it to the cafe for me so here I am..blogging.

I’m looking forward to Spring quarter– I’m only 10 credits away from graduation. I’ve come a long way and now I can’t believe I’ve been in school for almost 18 years and it is going to be over soon. Scary & exciting at the same time.

On a random note, I’m at a cafe drinking almond milk for the first time. Apparently there are many health benefits to drinking almond tea vs milk. The flavor is slightly too strong and nutty with too thick of a texture..check this site out for all of the benefits.

Ok, must get off of the computer and resume with my studies! Until next time..


2 thoughts on “First For Everything!

  1. lillytran says:

    ahh i know! time flies..i’m kind of scared of post-grad though! how’s life these days? we haven’t talked in awhile 😦

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