Last Quarter.

It didn’t hit me until I was getting ready for bed this evening that tomorrow will be the last first day of the quarter for me as an undergraduate. I’m always nervous and slightly anxious for the first day of school so that hasn’t changed, but I can’t even believe it is slowly coming to an end…. This is finally my 4th spring qtr! I can still remember the highlights of each so I know this one will be just as memorable. I’m wishing and hoping this quarter flies by (academically of course), but also for time to slow down so I can still enjoy the perks of being a student.I do wonder if I will be back to visit often (not due to responsibilities & obligations)? Will I eat on the Ave or choose to walk to buy groceries nearby? Will I ever have to take the 70’s buses again? Sprint all out because I’m late? Will I ever have to study hard for an exam again? (Probably, yes for my Series tests!) ahh..something only time will tell!

Spring quarter is my favorite of the three so I’m looking forward to the start of it! Lots of fun fairs & festivals as well as birthdays, bbq’s, and get-togethers. There’s also commencement and of course, the Bahamas! I love college life and hope I can be this happy after I’m done with school.

I’m sure there will be many more posts to come, similar to this one and my ‘Nostalgia’ post so bear with me people! I try to incorporate something positive with all of my negative thoughts so that should help!


2 thoughts on “Last Quarter.

  1. lillytran says:

    yeah..i was thinking about it today and i think i need time to slow down! i’m not ready to graduate AND i need to start job searching!!

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