April Showers Bring May Flowers

Seattle weather is insane. This morning started off sunny, then cloudy, then came hail, around noon it started to SNOW, then windy, and finally ended with sunny skies and a chilly breeze. Can’t mother nature make up her mind? All is forgiven because I also can never make up my mind. For example, when I have two dipping sauces or when I have to decide between two favorite dishes to order at a restaurant. Tough choices and yes, I had experienced these two dilemmas today 😉

9 more weeks until grad and 10 until the Bahamas! Cannot wait until these two events occur. I’ve put much thought into my future these last few days and it is so incredibly scary how many different ways it can turn. I’ve come to terms with my current situation though and have decided that being nervous and scared is just a waste of energy. If something was meant to be mine, then it would be.

My work schedule for this quarter is amazing! I have a 3-day weekend (with the exception of a 1-hr class tomorrow) to do whatever I want. No complaints here! Ok, off to writing a new post for lillychef. Until next time!


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