May Festivities!

My second favorite weekend in May just came to an end and it was fabulous as always!

Friday –> Night showing of Iron Man 2
Saturday –> Cheese Festival down in Pike, UW Street Fair, attended Chloe’s 1st Birthday, and watched Robin Hood
Sunday –> did Nordstrom’s Beat the Bridge Marathon, UW Street fair for lunch, and studied for the rest of the evening

So much went on that it didn’t even feel like a weekend. It is weekends like this that make me love Seattle so much. I’m looking forward to Folk Life, my Anniversary, and Memorial day weekend coming up in two weeks.

Aside from Seattle festivities, I picked up tickets for my department graduation today. Wow, the fact that I am graduating soon is still surreal to me! I ❤ UW.

Cheese Festival @ the market!

Beat The Bridge! (ahh no makeup! UW looks beautiful though)


One thought on “May Festivities!

  1. jfo says:

    you know….I only realized this year that May was such a festiv month. I’ve never heard of Beat the Bridge. SOO much stuff… Beer Week, Cheese fesitivl, relay for life, Udistrict fair, etcc

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