Class of ’10!

This is my absolute last night staying up late to study for an undergraduate final because I will be done with my undergrad studies in less than 10 hours! I can’t believe this day has already come…. These last four years have been truly amazing and I can’t quite describe my experiences and feelings with words. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to associate myself with great friends, co-workers, and classmates. My time at UW as been so incredibly memorable that I’m sad I’ll be leaving. It’s strange to be thinking I’ll be a part of the Alumni family versus as an Undergrad student!

This “evening” (technically morning now..) won’t be my last nights of studying though! I have to prepare for the Series exam in the upcoming months, but I think that will be a whole different experience than studying for a midterm or final.

I’m growing up! Today, I wore a UW sweathirt that I received as a high school graduation present and thought it was funny that it not only still fits, but that I’m wearing it during the last days of my senior year :). I’m excited for the future though and just hope for the best. I believe that if you try your hardest and your best at what you want to achieve, you will get it. It takes patience, but it will happen. Even when you feel like a failure or something doesn’t turn out the way you were hoping. During those moments, you learn to adapt to these negative feelings and push yourself even harder the next time.

I’m really writing this to reflect on what I’ve learned, to express my excitement for the end of my senior year and to remind myself and others that you can get what you want. I’ve been so stressed out about finding jobs in this economy (though it is slowly picking up so there is hope!) this last month, but I finally got a job offer for a small, respectable company.

Now that I will be done with finals (in exactly 9 hrs!) and have a job secured, I’m looking forward to graduation and the trip! I get to enjoy the month of June and then start adulthood in July. Congrats to the class of ’10!


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