Post-Grad & the Bahamas!


Since I left for Nassau just a few days after graduation (June 12!), I didn’t have much time to reminisce about my last four years at UW and think about life post-grad. Come to think of it, I also didn’t soak in the events of the JSIS convocation and UW commencement. I am officially a part of the Alumni family which feels strange but also rewarding.  Thank you UW for giving me the best undergraduate career. I have absolutely no regrets. I’m proud to be a husky :).

The Bahamas

I’ve spent the last 6 days and 5 nights in the Bahamas and just got back last night. The Bahamas is breathtakingly beautiful. The ocean is turquoise blue with white sand that almost looks fake. Every morning, we woke up early to go swimming in the ocean and get some sun and then dipped into the resort pools to cool off. In the evening, we swam in the pool and then relaxed in the hot tub. I definitely miss that part of the trip already!

We went to the Fish Fry twice for fresh seafood and some American goodies. The Bahamas is known for their fresh conch so we tried the conch fritters, conch salad (it has a mixture of fresh ingredients like tomatoes, lime juice, onions, hot peppers and conch— very refreshing), and cracked conch (big pieces of fried conch hence the “cracked”). The first day we went to the Fish Fry, we had freshly caught snapper which was delish. The second time, I tried grouper which is also a fish commonly found in the Bahamas. They had lots of sides to choose from with their lunch and dinner combos and I think my favorite was the peas ‘n rice. Pam’s Kitchen on the Ave has something similar for x10 the price of what you’d find in Nassau!

We visited downtown Nassau which is small and touristy. There are a lot of American and local shops near the pier where cruise ships dock. The straw market is downtown, but there was also one across from our hotel. Overall, everything was twice or three times the price of what you’d find here in the US. Even the food was more expensive, which was surprising but they are islands so I should have known! Shopping at the straw market was tough because the sellers were downright RUDE. Major turnoff with their bad attitudes so I didn’t want to buy anything from them.

Lots of water activities going on. The weather was HOT at 90+ degrees so I definitely got some vitamin D! We got to see all kinds of fish and sea creatures at the Atlantis aquarium. I went tanning with Molly a few days while the boys snorkeled. I’m beyond tan and even got sun burnt! This is my 2nd sun burn in my life.

Overall, a very fun trip. Would I go back? Probably not…. There are many other beautiful places in the world to visit so I don’t plan on it any time soon. Nassau & Paradise Island treated me well though 🙂 I definitely spent a week in Paradise.

I’m glad to be back in Seattle though 🙂 There is no place like home!


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