11:33 p.m.

Quick update before bed…

It is already the end of August! My cousins are talking about starting high school in a little over 3 weeks and my friends are beginning to look for new places to move to at the end of the month. Everyone is growing up so fast and time is flying by like nothing!

My planner is filled with all kinds of stuff (yes, I finally started to use a planner and can’t live without it!)…mostly deadlines for work and busy weekends. Looking forward to the upcoming weeks!! I’ve been busy dress shopping for a wedding and can’t seem to find anything that fits..such a bummer..I have one week to find two dresses so wish me luck!

MoBa, Ant and I are going to Canada next month for two days, which will be fun! We’ll be staying one night in downtown which will give us time to do more activities! I want to check out the night market cause everyone talks about it, but also do some shopping, hit up the night life and maybe more touristy things. I’m getting excited for our mini weekend vacay!

This is something really random, but I never realized how beautiful Seattle is until I visited Kerry Park last weekend on Saturday night w/ Ant. You get a whole view of the city fully lit and alive. I guess it is sights like this that make me appreciate being a Seatteite. Ah, breathtaking scenery.

I went through photos from the bahamas and ah, we miss it so much! I’d give anything to be swimming in the ocean right now in my swimsuit or snorkeling in the turquoise water..I wish we saw different shades of blue here in WA!

90 degree weather here in Seattle. Hope everyone is keeping cool!

what a hot sunburn..I bet you wish you had one too! 😛


3 thoughts on “11:33 p.m.

  1. jfo says:

    Kerry park is awesome!! another good view of things is from Jose Rizal park, it’s kinda the opposite view from Kerry Park. You can get there from china town =)

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