Almost Fall.

I finally got internet so now I can blog! I recently moved to the new house so I’ve just been busy unpacking and settling down. I’m glad to be done with moving though! The house is really starting to feel like home now, especially with everything put into place. I’ll post up some pictures once we’re done with everything. I’d put up a picture of my room, but it isn’t complete yet. I got a new bed but am waiting on the mattress. Will get it up as soon as I can.We still need to get some paintings/house decor. I love the new house and the neighborhood is nice & quiet..definitely 10x better than the U-District since there are no hobo’s around here. I’m most excited about exploring all of the good eats near here. It’s so diverse and options are endless! Hopefully this doesn’t run my wallet dry :).

I’ve spent these last 2 weekends house shopping w/ my parents.  BTW it is so much fun but also stressful! I love having options, but it’s dangerous having so many choices because you can’t decide. Regardless, I’m just glad to have the necessary items squared away.

I recently registered for the Series 65 test, which I’ll be taking in Dec. Now that I have an official test day, it is always lingering in the back of my mind. These next few months are going to be intense but hopefully all of the studying will be worth it in the end. My test materials came in last week so I will start studying this weekend.

Seems like summer just flew by and I haven’t really gotten to catch up yet!I guess summers are different when you start working. It’s nice though, but you don’t get to spend as much time outside. I’m cool with that because it didn’t even feel like summer this year. It was fairly chilly actually and we didn’t get much sun. The air smells like fall already, people are already wearing winter coats and stores are starting to sell cinnamon & nutty scented candles. Can’t wait til the leaves start changing color!

Hope all of my lovelies outside of WA are doing well. It has been nice catching up with you guys recently.


2 thoughts on “Almost Fall.

  1. T says:

    Good luck on your Series 65 test! I know you’ll ace it. Will you be my financial adviser someday? 🙂

    Can’t wait to see pics of your new home! Have you found cool places to hang out around there? Miss you ❤

  2. jfo says:

    ooo new place??? is it close to UW still? how exciting! your last place was super nice already! your new place must be gorgeous then! are you living w/ roomies?

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