Fall Is Here.

Sept. 22 marked the end of summer and official start to Fall! I feel like I went from Spring straight to Fall with barely a Summer in between. I blame the weather– we didn’t get enough sun. On a happier note, it is nice that we get all 4 seasons here. I’m looking forward to seeing the leaves change colors in the upcoming weeks.

It has been a busy last few weeks. I’ve seen my parents almost every weekend, which is always a plus. We celebrated Ant’s dad’s birthday, my mama’s birthday, I started studying for the series exam last week and I recently came back from Vancouver for the weekend! I think that summed up just about every weekend in September.

I went up to Canada this past weekend with Anthony & another couple. We stayed in the heart of downtown and spent most of our two days eating and shopping! If I were to live in Canada, I know for sure that I could easily gain 20-30 lbs. They are spoiled with such good food in every city and around every block! I can say that Vancouver is one of my favorite cities. It’s probably 2-3x bigger than Seattle and the vibe is so different. It’s much more young and lively than what you get here and so incredibly diverse (not that you don’t get that here). I probably would never opt to live there, but I feel lucky to have Canada as our neighbor! My only complaint is street parking in BC. $2.00 for 30 min. is just ridiculous and they have anal parking enforcement officers! Regardless, it was a nice weekend getaway and we all rolled out of Canada content w/ all of the goodies we ate :). We got to do everything we wanted. We wanted to eat dim sum in Richmond, try Japadogs in Vancouver, pick up a few bags of Ketchup Chips & pastries to bring home and have lunch at Shabusen. Shopping on Robson Street and the Richmond Night Market were also top on our lists.

The night market was smaller than I had thought, but the food was better than what I had expected! We got takoyaki (my favorite out of everything we ate), dukbokki, hagow, shumai, chow mein, octopus and bubble tea. I recommend Shabusen for anyone who likes sushi & korean bbq. Japadogs was good but I feel a bit overpriced. Definitely a must try. The weather was so nice with even some sun on Saturday which was perfect for Robsen street. It poured when we were at the night market, which put a damper towards the end but overall, a really great time. I don’t know why, but Canada never gets old for me!

This will be my last [mini] trip for awhile because I’m trying to focus on my studies. Obviously it isn’t working because I started the evening studying and transitioned over to blogging. This is how much I love you guys 🙂 Other than those few things, I really haven’t been up to much. I got my new bed assembled and my mattress on Sunday so I’ve been sleeping on my comfortable bed for this whole entire week thus far (prior, I was sleeping on a mini mattress on the floor). The house is coming along and I’ll post some pictures sometime this weekend.

I’m excited that tomorrow is Thursday. The weekend is near!


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