Rain On Me.

Apparently there is a strong storm coming our way from BC. This gave me an excellent excuse to stay in this morning to organize my closet, unpack some boxes and hang up my clothes. I also woke up at 7am (so use to waking up early every weekday) so I had an early start to the day. I’ll post pictures up of my clean closets tomorrow. Yes, closet with an S because I have two closets in my room, which is incredibly useful for a girl. In the closet next to my bed, I hang up all of my pants & tops and put bags of new items I’ve bought. The other closet is a walk-in and I keep some of my shoes in there, dresses, jackets, and a couple of large boxes with Ant’s stuff. It feels so good to be organized and come home to a clean room! I’ll show proof tomorrow after I take some pics.

I spent part of the day shopping w/ my mama and then I went to go watch the husky game with my cousin’s. What an AWFUL game. I am reconsidering going to a husky game this year….


2 thoughts on “Rain On Me.

  1. Jfo says:

    My mom has been bugging me about that storm, telling me I should prepare and that we should go buy water lol.

    I can’t believe you have 2 closets….is this at your new apt!?

    • lillytran says:

      yep! they’re not big closets though–i wish they were bigger! we haven’t finished decorating the house yet though and it has already been almost 2 months hehe.

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