Snowed In.

I haven’t had a day off for awhile (excluding holiday’s), but got today off because of the weather. It is currently 22 degrees w/ some sun and lots of leftover snow piled on sheets of ice from last night’s blizzard. Driving home after work yesterday took a little over 2 hours– a trip that would normally take 30-45 minutes tops with traffic. It was icy, it was windy, it was snowy and it was a SLOW commute. People driving uphill got stuck, which caused the traffic. Luckily, I drive an SUV now so I was able to weave out of that easily I would probably either have been one of those stuck uphill or sitting in 3 or 4 hour traffic. I’m so glad to be in the comfort of my own home, safe and sound. Not looking forward to a La Nina winter!

My plans for my snow day consist of doing some work, studying and then going grocery shopping for Thanksgiving. Unless the snow melts, I won’t be driving anywhere! I live near a big grocery store, so I might brave it and walk. Ant & I went on a walk last night when the snow was still coming down, but that lasted less than 15 minutes. Too cold to handle!

Photo: snow in my neighborhood 11/23 (*Note: not all of the homes are built so it looks like I have a big backyard)

Hoping everyone is warm inside whether at home or the office.


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