Series Exam in T-?.

My series exam was originally scheduled for next week, but there was a situation with my live prep class so my exam got canceled today. I’m feeling less stressed knowing that it isn’t in a few days. It won’t be fun spending the next few weeks studying, but I’m so thankful for the extra study time! You can never be too prepared for any exam.

Now that the exam is being rescheduled, I’m really looking forward to this weekend! Aside from studying some, we are decorating the Christmas tree and my company is having their annual xmas party. My first time, but it should be fun.

I started my Christmas shopping today during my lunch break. The mall was packed full of people and it took forever trying to find parking. They even hired extra employees to control traffic in the parking garage. I love xmas shopping, but I’m hating the crowds already. On a lighter note, I was able to purchase a few items for myself and others. Not bad for only an hour break! It helps to make a list of people you are shopping for and figure out what you want to buy in advance vs browsing. Saves so much time!


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