Catch up.

I wish I was better at keeping up with my blog. Sometimes I open up wordpress and stare at the text box blankly until I can think of something interesting to tell you about. Since my last post, the big events were Chinese New Year & Valentine’s day.

CNY is a huge celebration in my family. I requested my first official day off to watch fireworks at midnight with Ant & my parents on the eve. I spent CNY day visiting some temples and then the weekend with parties on my Mom & Dad’s side. The previous Sunday was spent with Ant’s side of the family for his cousin’s one-month-old event combined with NY. Lots of good food, games and many pounds gained!

Valentine’s day was special this year. I know many people (especially singles) hate this holiday and that you should show your love all year long and yada yada yada…. It’s important to express your love & care for someone everyday but there is nothing wrong with a holiday to celebrate love. It doesn’t have to mean expensive gifts & dinners. Even the simplest of things is enough. Ant & I stayed in this year. He surprised me with a candlelight dinner (I know, so cheesy!) and a bouquet of lilies. Our dinner was takeout from a restaurant we ate at for our 1st anniversary. If you don’t know Anthony, he is as manly as they get. We had vday on a budget this year, and I never would of guessed how much everything was. Hope everyone else had a lovely Valentine’s celebration.

Something not so lovely that happened today was I made my first trip to the ER. I sprained my ankle outside heading from the parking lot to the office. To keep the story short, I’m fine. There was this sweet woman and gentleman who stayed with me from minutes after my fall to when I headed to the hospital to make sure I was okay.  I was truly touched to have met such kind-hearted people. Can’t wait to be back on my feet again– crutches are not my thing.


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