Eurotrip Planning.

Only a couple more months until we’re headed to Europe! Last year we bought tickets in September for departure to Italy in December so I had a good 3 months to plan our itinerary. This year, we bought our tickets in May for our trip in the Fall with 6+ months to plan the itinerary. I’m trying to space out the planning & researching to keep it more exciting! Since I’ve been busy updating posts on my recent trip, helping Molly with her wedding (3 weeks away!) , planning her bridal shower and working I haven’t had much time to think about our itinerary. Ok, I lied. I’ve already written down what I want to do and I have certain days planned out. Since Anthony isn’t big on planning and is more of a on-the-fly type of traveler, he always gives me the freedom to plan our trips however I want. Heh heh heh.

Eiffel Tower <3

Eiffel Tower ❤

This post is really meant for me! Trying to create a checklist of what I need to do until we’re on our way. If anyone is even reading this, it starts to get uninteresting as of…now…!

[  ] Renew Ant’s passport
[  ] Buy a padlock
[  ] Make London & Brussels itinerary
[  ] Research restaurants
[  ] Buy train & admission ticks to Versailles
[  ] Study Transportation System
[  ] Shop for a rain jacket
[  ] Learn basic French or just find an app
[  ] Download maps on Tripadvisor City Guide app


2 thoughts on “Eurotrip Planning.

  1. melanieyam says:

    So. freaking. jealous. Take tons of pictures and blog about it while you’re there! I’ll be checking religiously.

  2. lillytran says:

    Now that you’ve gotten me back into blogging and I’m beyond obsessed about it, I definitely will! I know you’ll have an opportunity to go on a foreign trip soon too and when you do I will be the jealous one!

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