Bento Box – Under The Sea.

Anthony was on duty tonight to make our bento box lunch for Friday. I offered to make it after dinner around 6:00pm but he wanted to give it a try and said he would make it. 8:30pm rolls around and he is passed out on the couch. He finally starts making it at 9:00pm and while making lunch he confesses that it’s a lot harder than it looks! My favorite part is deciding what items to put into the bento and he admits it’s his least favorite. Without further ado I would like to present to you a bento box that we both worked on together! I’d say it turned out pretty ok for something so last minute. Unlike him, I have already planned out what I want to make for our next bento lunch :).

This time we utilized all 3 boxes of the bento. The previous day when I made my 1st bento lunch, I only used the bottom two tiers.

Top Box:

[CARBS]: Rice with furikake seasoning & toasted black sesame seeds
[PROTEIN]: Octopus & starfish made out of vienna sausages
[GARNISH]: Fish made out of carrots and sesame seeds for the eyes

Top Tier

Top box filled with primarily carbs

Middle Box:

[VEGGIES]: Steamed broccoli & cabbage served with teriyaki sauce
[GARNISH]: Pickled yellow radish with toasted sesame seeds

Middle Box filled with veggies

Middle Box filled with veggies

Bottom Box:

[CARBS]: Yakisoba (egg noodles with cabbage, bean sprouts & beef)
[PROTEIN]: Sukiyaki with garlic & soy sauce

Bottom box filled with protein

Bottom box filled with protein

I’ll keep ingredients for my bento box a secret until tomorrow. Stay tuned! 😛


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