Homemade Bento Box Lunch.

I’m not sure where, how or when Anthony & I all of a suddenly became obsessed with anything and everything Japanese. Yes, we have become one of those individuals but hey don’t judge! I’m already admitting it right now.

Actually come to think of it, I think it all began when we tried Fuji Sushi in Seattle and fell in love with their bento box dinners. One bite of their salmon sashimi and we wanted to pass out. So. delicious. It. Melts. In. Your Mouth.

After many and I’m talking MANY (7+ visits in less than 2 months) dine ins at Fuji we started talking about where we wanted to go on our yearly vacation. You’ve probably guessed by now that Japan is next up and we are hoping to go in Fall or Winter 2014.

After dinner one day, we went to Uwajimaya to buy groceries for the week and we stumbled upon these cute stackable bento boxes in the gift section. I love all things cute so I had to have them! We figured it’d be a good way to eat smaller portions and to save $ from eating out. Plus, it’s fun to play with your food and cook. We ordered them on Amazon and they finally came yesterday.

My Geisha Stackable Bento

Anthony's Stackable Bento

Anthony’s Schoolboy Stackable Bento

Bottom Box:

[CARBS] Rice with furikake seasoning
[PROTEIN] Not pictured and added later I used vietnamese ham and fried tofu for our protein.

Bottom Box


Middle Box:

[VEGGIES]: Broccoli, pickled yellow radish & carrots
[SIDES]: Boiled egg with toasted black sesame seeds & inari

Veggies & Sides

Veggies & Sides

Although my bento lunch doesn’t look too professional, I had fun making it. The best part is figuring out how you want to design the boxes and what lunch items you want to add. The worst part is cutting the nori! Anthony & I are taking turns packing our lunches so tonight he is on duty. Looking forward to seeing what he makes! Now I need to think about what I want to do for my next bento lunch.

3 more hours until lunch time. Here’s to hoping it tastes good! 😛


4 thoughts on “Homemade Bento Box Lunch.

    • lillytran says:

      Yeah me too! hehe. We got one for my bro too. I’ll try and post a pic tonight. I’m gonna document Anthony’s bento lunch IF he makes it! It’s already 8:30 here and he’s passed out downstairs -_-.

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