Bento Box – Semi- Vegetarian Lunch.

Anthony made our bento box lunch (see Bento Box – Under The Sea) Thursday night for Friday. In my Under The Sea, I had promised to post a Bento Box post Friday but we actually ended up not having lunch at all on Friday! We were so busy working and running errands we forgot to eat lunch. Yesterday, we had a big breakfast of pho (Yes! We eat pho for breakfast!) so we skipped lunch. Anthony had the day off today so my Mom & I ate the bentos and the final verdict is….it was tasty! For something so last minute, he did a great job putting together our bento lunch :). Today, I made sure to pack for Monday’s lunch and opted for a semi- vegetarian meal.

Our bento boxes w/o the top

Our bento boxes w/o the top

Top Box:

[CARBS]: Rice with toasted sesame seeds & furikake seasoning 



Middle Box:

[PROTEIN]: Sweetened & fried tofu, omelete with soy sauce and mirin (not pictured), green onions wrapped in ham & meat floss (for Anthony)



Bottom Box:

[VEGGIES]: Balsamic cabbage w/ cranberries & garlic slices



I used most of the ingredients I had in my pantry and at the cafe to put together this bento box lunch. It took less than 15 minutes to throw together this nutritious meal. Hoping it tastes good! Anthony is a major meat eater so I had to throw in extra protein for him.


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