Europe in Late Fall.

Last December when Ant & I finally took a break from the cafe and vacationed in Rome, we were blown away by what the city had to offer. The food, shopping, people, culture, architecture, sights & more exceeded our expectations. I think the fact that we went during the holiday season made us love the city even more. Rome lit up at night and was so magical & lively. We were in love with Rome the minute we stepped out of our taxi and into the hotel for the first time.

Xmas Lights along Via Del Corso 2012

Via Del Corso Christmas Lights 2012                                   (Photo was not taken by me)

After talking to several people about the best time to go we booked our 2013 Euro trip for November. So excited and eager to book, I didn’t even think about the Christmas decor & lights until afterward. After posting some questions on trip advisor this evening, I found out lights in Oxford Street London will be up and running as early as Nov. 5! We will definitely be there when they turn on the Christmas lights. I’m so excited I had to blog and share 🙂

Xmas Lights along Oxford St. London (photo was not taken by me)

Oxford Street (London) Christmas Lights (Photo was not taken by me)

Photo was not taken by me.

Oxford Street (London) Christmas Lights (Photo was not taken by me)

I’m not sure what the weather will be like in November but from my experience in Italy in December I can easily tell you it’s a great time to go! I’m confident 90% of our vacations here on out will be late Nov – early Dec. Here’s why:

  • Good deals on airfare + hotel if booked early
  • Crowds are dwindling & queues aren’t bad
  • Heated outdoor seating at cafes & restaurants
  • Espresso tastes best because it’s cold out
  • Weather – Ant & I don’t like hot weather so we love the weather rain or shine late Fall
  • Best time for us to get away from the business 😛

10 more weeks! I can’t wait….


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