Rome, Italy | Day 7

Dec. 11, 2012

We woke up early to have breakfast downstairs and then headed out toward Campo dei’Fiori (flower market). We wanted to dodge the crowds so we went right when they opened. Good thing we did because 20 minutes after we arrived, people were piling in :). We still had family to buy gifts for so and the flower market was the perfect place for it. They had all kinds of oils, spices, pasta, souvenirs, pottery, jewelry, bags, clothes, t-shirts and your typical souvenirs like keychains, shot glasses and magnets. Ant & I picked up a few Roma t-shirts for my brother & his brother-in-law (which they both wear! 🙂 🙂 🙂 ). For his baby cousin we got a handmade train set that spelled out her name. We browsed each booth and unfortunately didn’t bargain well enough to buy the other items we wanted. It was still fun haggling and checking out all the made in Italy items.

Fresh Produce @ Campo dei' Fiori

Fresh Produce @ Campo dei’ Fiori

Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar & Wine @ Campo dei'Fiori

Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar & Wine @ Campo dei’ Fiori

Bike Display @ Campo dei' Fiori

Bike Display @ Campo dei’ Fiori

After a good hour at the flower market, we decided to go back to Trastevere. Heading toward the Ponte Sisto bridge which brings you right to Trastevere as you cross the bridge we caught a film crew in action! Wanting to ask what they were filming Ant stopped me because they didn’t look like they wanted to be bothered. I was star struck and I didn’t even know any of the celebrities! 😛

Film Crew along Ponte Sisto

Film Crew along Ponte Sisto

The other day when we were there we passed by a restaurant called Carlo Menta that seemed popular. It was filled inside and outside on the patio so we knew we had to come back to try it.

Carlo Menta Exterior

Carlo Menta Exterior

Before lunch we wanted to check out the residential area of Trastevere and just started walking. We crossed Ponte Sisto and then walked up hill for 15 minutes where we passed a church and a school. Kids were leaving school around noon (perhaps for a long lunch break?). We got to the top of the hill where we saw a beautiful view of Trastevere. Instead of backtracking and walking down the hill, we decided to take the stairs down next to the school. Walking, walking, walking and walking for what felt like dayz I wanted to ask for some directions. Being the manly man Anthony is he said he knew where we were headed so I just followed. Hungry & lost we kept walking and finally we ended up where we started! We finally found Carlo Menta around 3:30-4:00pm and had a late lunch/early dinner. It was still busy when we got there but were seated right away. We started with tomato basil bruschetta and for my entree I had penne Carlo  Menta which had penne in a cream sauce with beef & peas. Ant had veal in wine sauce. Both dishes were delicious and I think we worked up an appetite after taking our few hour long detour because we finished everything! After finishing our food we sat at the restaurant to finish up our sparkling water before heading back to central Rome.



Veal w/ cheese & wine sauce

Veal w/ cheese & wine sauce

Penne Carlo Menta

Penne Carlo Menta

The rest of the evening is sadly fuzzy to me so I can’t remember what we did after Trastevere. I’m guessing it was a mixture of dessert, shopping & looking at the Christmas lights & decor near the hotel. All in all it was a fun day. We got a bit frustrated when we were literally off the beaten path by a mile or so but it felt good to find our way back.

Tomorrow is our last full day in Rome. On our last day we headed toward an island we found on our tourist map, Piazza Navona & our fav restaurant :).


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