La Cuisine Paris.

Anthony & I are always thinking of new items to add to the menu or ways to improve the cafe. A few months ago, Anthony figured homemade croissants would be a good seller. He watched a few youtube videos and started reading up on how to make croissants. If you know him, he is not one to bake. He doesn’t like to follow measurements and prefers to eyeball everything then add a bit of this & that. He fell in love with the process of baking croissants and thus his new hobby was starting to blossom. He got close to getting the perfect looking croissant too but the taste wasn’t quite like the ones from the many french patisseries in Seattle. After many failed attempts to get the perfect looking & tasting croissant he took a break from baking. I have to admit – it was adorable to see him so genuinely excited and happy when his croissants were finished baking.

Anthony's Plain Croissants

Anthony’s Plain Croissants

With baking still on his mind, he came up with the brilliant idea of taking a pastry baking class while in Paris. He had mentioned the baking class while he was still searching for a good croissant recipe and I told him to look into it as the classes get booked months in advance. Mr. Last Minute didn’t search or book any classes so when he brought up the idea again today he scrambled to find something. Luckily for us there was one class available at La Cuisine Paris at a great price AND on the only free day we have in Paris!

La Cuisine Paris - Cooking & Baking School

La Cuisine Paris – Cooking & Baking School

Hopefully we are able to take away a lot of good tips & a yummy recipe so we can make it for our customers at the cafe. 🙂


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