Paris, France | THE PROPOSAL

November 5, 2014

Paris, France | Day 4 Part II

It’s crazy how I am able to remember Day 4 so vividly and can write on and on about it because after this day, everything becomes a blur. I’ll explain why at the end of this post. 🙂

After going through security at the Eiffel entrance, we took the 2 or 3 elevators to get to the very top. Once up there, we stepped outside and almost got blown away! The wind & cold breeze felt like 60mph but that’s probably because we were so high up. We set up the tripod and attempted to take some pictures together. With the wind and cold chill we could only take so many before we ran inside to get warm!


Artsy view from the top of the Eiffel

The view from the top was beautiful and we got to see the entire city all lit up. To be honest, it was just like seeing any other night view from a tall skyscraper. Nothing too exciting or new. It was just cool to say we made it to the top of the Eiffel Tower! It’s something to check off of my list and I’m glad we did it.

After we went inside to escape the cold we went down to the middle observation deck to take pictures together. Luckily down there it wasn’t as windy so it was easy to set up the tripod and pose. My hair also didn’t fly all over the place either so I was grateful for that ;).

Ant & I in the middle observation deck at the Eiffel

Ant & I in the middle observation deck at the Eiffel

We enjoyed the view for about an hour and got in line to head back down to the bottom. One of the top things if not #1 on my to-do while in Paris was to watch the Eiffel Tower sparkle starting at dusk. Luckily for us it was almost dark by the time we were done viewing the Eiffel from the top. We both spotted a good area to view the sparkle show at Champ De Mars (pictured above). Walking along Ant chose a good spot right in the middle and he set up his tripod. We took some pictures of the Eiffel at night, then with just me, with me and Ace and then a couple of us. Ant kept having to adjust this camera because the personal clicker wasn’t working.

It was already 6:58pm when Ant was still adjusting the camera and clicker so I just told him to leave it and come over so we could enjoy the show together at 7:00pm! 2 minutes pass and it was finally 7:00pm. The sparkle show started and as I was “oo’ing & aw’ing” I hear “Lilly….”, so I look over and Anthony is down on one knee holding a diamond ring! I was shocked and beyond happy words can’t describe. I cried and he asked “will you marry me?.” He went on with a cute little speech that I won’t be sharing. I said yes, we hugged & kissed and watched the rest of the sparkle show together. It was truly a night to remember. A beautiful night. One that I will never forget. ❤ I always complain about how Anthony doesn’t do this or that but he has topped all of my expectations and beyond. I totally wasn’t expecting him to propose in Paris! I was hopeful but I didn’t think he would do it for awhile. There were no signs and I’m usually good at figuring out surprises. I definitely will not be complaining again!

The Proposal: Ant took this picture with the clicker right as he got down :)

The Proposal: Ant took this picture with the clicker right as he got down 🙂

Night shot of the Eiffel with our Artisan Cafe cup

Night shot of the Eiffel with our Artisan Cafe cup

We had dinner reservations at a restaurant near the Eiffel at 7:30pm that we missed. After the show, I was still in shock & awe. I couldn’t stop smiling or crying so we just stayed in that same spot for awhile. As cheesy as this sounds, I almost didn’t want to leave! I still couldn’t believe we were finally engaged. After missing our reservation, we decided to talk a long walk back toward the Latin Quarter to find a nice restaurant to eat & celebrate. We stopped here and there so Ant could take some night shots. We finally ended up at Le Reminet near Notre Dame and enjoyed a meal of pan-seared foie gras (BTW AMAZING HERE), sole, duck & chocolate mousse. Everything we ate was divine and I highly recommend this place to anyone visiting Paris. Even at 9:45pm when we got there it was busy. Our meal lasted about 2 hours so it was almost midnight when we left but we both weren’t feeling tired at all. I wasn’t ready for the night to end and neither was he. When we got to the hotel we thought of ways to tell our close friends & family the big news. Twas a good night….

Exterior of Le Reminet

Exterior of Le Reminet

Le Reminet

Le Reminet

The BEST foie gras I've ever had

The BEST foie gras I’ve ever had




Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Mousse

I’m awful at describing big moments in words so this post on our proposal probably didn’t do the actual moment justice. I just remember feeling nervous inside and at a loss for words. All I could say was YES and the tears just kept streaming down my face.

For the next few days all the way until our flight back home, I couldn’t stop smiling. I was on cloud 9 after this moment and thus the reason why the next few posts for the rest of the trip will be jumbled. 🙂

I have our proposal date written down as November 6 but for technical purposes it will be November 5 for the blog.

Tomorrow we are headed to London!


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