Barcelona, Spain | Day 4


After such a long day 3 packed with 2 major tourist attractions we decided to take it easy on day 4. We got a good nights rest and woke up a little later than usual. Thinking that we only had a few more days left in Barcelona we decided to go back to La Boqueria for breakfast, yet again. Anthony was craving mussels and El Quim served up some excellent food when we were there a few days earlier so we came back.

We got seated on the opposite side of the bar as last time and glanced at the English menu. As we were figuring out what we wanted to eat I looked around and saw that everyone had ordered breakfast type items like egg omelets. Unconvinced about the more traditional items, we proceeded to place check marks on the order form for mussels, mixed seasonal mushrooms, blood sausage w/ onions & the octopus bomb with wasabi mayo. Yup, that’s how we do breakfast in Barcelona. Haters gonna hate and judgers are probably going to judge. We had the best breakfast and the biggest smiles out of everyone once we were done :).


Blood sausage from El Quim


Seasonal mixed mushrooms from El Quim


Octopus bomb with wasabi mayo from El Quim

Craving something sweet as I usually do, we decided to get some more churros from Xurreria located along Banys Nous street. If you are in Barcelona— YOU. MUST. GO. HERE. The people who work here are so incredibly friendly and they fry up the absolute best churros I’ve had in my entire life. It comes out fresh, piping hot and they sprinkle a little sugar only after you determine how many grams of churros you’d like to buy. Fun Fact– Churros are believed to have originated in Portugal. I always thought it was Mexico?!



As mentioned earlier, we were regulars at Xurreria once we found out about it and came back almost everyday until our flight home to Seattle. IT IS THAT GOOD AND I’M NOT EXAGGERATING.



We ordered 200 grams of churros for take out and we snacked on it as we walked around trying to decide what we wanted to do next. The night before, Anthony was flipping through my Rick Steves’ Barcelona pocket guide and stumbled upon “CosmoCaixa”. We also saw it on the map and once he found out it was a science museum he was intrigued.

We caught the train next to our hotel which took about 20 minutes and then walked the rest of the way to the museum. Once there, we were greeted by Albert Einstein at the front desk where we checked in and purchased tickets.

Before starting the exhibit we stopped by for a little “drinks” break. We may have had a snack too but I can’t remember. We probably did. Snack breaks are essential in our daily life and travels. I’m sure you’ve already noticed….

Cappuccino break

Cappuccino break


We were greeted by Albert Einstein at the welcome desk of the museum

We walked through the dinosaur exhibits, learned about the mediterranean sea, tasted olive oils from different kinds of trees, learned about fishes of Europe, and played with the different hands-on exhibits. It was a huge museum with 3 or 4 floors worth of exhibits and it was very nicely done. I’ll spare the details but we felt just like kids again! We were probably the biggest kids there as I saw a few different school children on a field trip in the museum. It was really fun & informative and I’ve certainly never been to a science museum that large and detailed before.

Having fun @ the color spectrum exhibit

Having fun @ the color spectrum exhibit

Anthony taste testing different kinds of oils at the olive oil exhibit

Anthony taste testing different kinds of oils at the olive oil exhibit


After about 3 or 4 hours in the museum, we took the train back to the hotel. We rested our feet for a bit before heading back to the Barri Gotic area to find a good restaurant for dinner. I had found El Callejon on tripadvisor prior to the trip so we decided to give it a try. We came right as they were opening so we ordered some beer until they were ready to open the kitchen. The restaurant quickly filled up and when we finally ordered we got the argentinian steak with potatoes, the pasta special of the day, seasonal mushrooms in sautéed butter and padron peppers.

Argentinian steak with potatoes and pasta

Argentinian steak with potatoes and pasta du jour

After dinner we walked along Las Ramblas and got some gelato from one of the street vendors in the middle of the street.


2 thoughts on “Barcelona, Spain | Day 4

  1. Melanie says:

    OMG the food looks soooo mouthwatering! I’m literally hungry now as I look at this. Looks like you guys had a fun day!

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