Barcelona, Spain | Day 5 & Day 6


The last two days in Barcelona were bittersweet. We were sad that our two weeks of honeymooning in Europe was coming to an end. At the same time though we were so excited to come home with all of the food ideas we gathered and wanted to try them out at home. 🙂

Because we did similar things on day 5 & 6 I decided to combine the posts. Plus, I am looking forward to starting my Japan travel blogs while all the memories are still fresh in my mind :). Ok back to Barcelona! We spent the majority of our mornings both days relaxing at the Mediterranean Sea, afternoons at a tea house and evenings chowing down on more tapas.

We woke up to warm sunshine and decided to finally spend some time by the water. We gathered our beach essentials like sunscreen, sunglasses and our camera equipment. We pretty much brought everything BUT a beach towel on day 5 (…only we would forget something so critical for a beach day…) and of course remembered the towel on day 6. On day 5, we left the hotel early and headed over to La Boqueria to pick up some items for a picnic. After wandering the market to decide what we wanted, we finally settled for some feel good classics like spaghetti carbonara,  white sauce lasagne and a quarter pound of spanish olives stuffed with peppers. For day 6, we had a quick breakfast of pastries and picked up some churros to enjoy at the beach.


Camera & GoPro equipment- check!


Us @ Barcelona Beach with our La Boqueria goodies

The walk from our hotel along Las Ramblas was a good 15-20 minutes and was straight shot. Trying to decide upon which part of the sea we wanted to layout our picnic we decided upon the “Barcelona Beach” area since it was quiet with not many people around.

For all of our international trips together, we always bring our Artisan Cafe logo coffee cups with us. We look for scenic spots to lay out the cups and do a mini photoshoot. It’s our thing 😉 and on this morning we decided on using the Mediterranean as our backdrop for the cups.


Artisan Cafe coffee cups (16oz – 12oz – 8oz)

We laid out our La Boqueria picnic items and enjoyed lunch before doing our cups photoshoot. After taking pictures of the cups, we did our own little couples photoshoot for fun. The rest of that morning consisted of:

Dipping our feet in the freezing but gorgeous blue water
Running on the beach
Letting sand rest between our toes

…and just enjoying each others company as newlyweds. 🙂 After beach fun, we walked around the boardwalk watching street performers along the way before deciding to stop by the Maritime Museum to look at some handmade boats in their collection.


Being silly


Maritime Museum

After carrying our 100000000 pound tripod all day we were ready to go back to the hotel to drop it off and travel lightly for the rest of the afternoon and evening.

After dropping off the heavy tripod we made our way around the gothic quarter (I sounds like it was our favorite area to explore in Barcelona and it was!) to do some shopping at the boutiques then AFTERNOON TEA. I did research before our trip and knew we had to check out Caelum which is a cafe located in the Jewish quarter. Caelum is situated in a space that use to be an old Jewish bath. The walls and ceilings were made of what looked like original stone and flooring made of bricks. As you walk inside and head downstairs you will feel like you’ve gone back in time to the medieval age. The sweets and baked goods are made in monasteries and convents throughout Spain with a wide variety to choose from!


Caelum storefront

At Caelum we ordered coffee con leche and a pot of earl grey tea. For baked goods, we tried a frosted Spanish style donut, almond cake and heart shaped marzipan. Everything except the donut was delicious. The atmosphere was dim with lots of candlelight and the hot beverages were perfect pick me ups after wind picked up during our shopping prior to stopping in the cafe. To order the sweets, the waitress had one of us come up to the table to check out the selection of items available for the day. We pointed at what we wanted and shortly after they were brought to our table to enjoy! MmmmMmm.


Almond cake from Caelum


Day 5 table spread of sweets & hot bevs

Because we loved Caelum so much, we stopped by the next (and last) day of our stay in Barcelona. This time we got a pot of their house loose leaf tea and a rich cup of hot chocolate. We enjoyed the almond cake and marzipan so much the day before we ended up ordering those again along with a fruit tart. All were delish.


Table 6 table spread


Rich hot chocolate from calm


Strawberry fruit tart

I’ve been to my fair share of high tea places but Caelum is no doubt in my top 3 list of the best afternoon tea spots in the world. The atmosphere, pastries and selection of beverages were excellent and everything was so high quality. I highly recommend this place to anyone visiting Barcelona.

After Caelum, we walked past the Santa Maria Del Pi church where there was a night market in the square. We browsed the booths selling soaps, wines, oils, dried fruits and different kind of sauces. Next to the night market we stumbled upon a poster for a spanish guitar performance by Ekaterina Zaytseva for that evening at 9pm inside the church and decided that would be the perfect way to end our trip. We purchased tickets and then headed back to the hotel to drop off all of the things we purchased before setting out for dinner before the show.


Our last meal for dinner was at none other than Sens’i. We loved everything we ate the first night and knew we wanted to end our time in Barcelona there. This time around we came extra hungry and ordered quite a few items to share. We started with some potato croquettes and padron peppers (Anthony’s fav) and then went on to enjoy some Iberian Pork tataki, Tuna tartare “Asian style”, sautéed mussels with red curry and fresh basil, fresh truffle ravioli with truffle oil and baby chorizo sausage braised in beer. What. Happy. Tummies.


Ham & potato croquettes


Padron peppers


Tuna tartare “Asian style”


Iberian Pork Tataki


Large mussels in coconut curry


Truffle ravioli


Spanish sausages – so cute huH?!

Dinner was delicious and as we rolled out of dinner we made our way into the Santa Maria Del Pi church for Ekaterina Zaytseva’s performance. There we enjoyed about two hours of beautiful spanish guitar played flawlessly by Ekaterina.


Sign upon entering the church


Ekaterina Zaytseva

After an incredible performance by Ekaterina, we took our time walking back to the hotel. We wanted to remember and take in all of the beautiful Spanish architecture that we were so lucky to be surrounded by for 6 days.

The rest of the evening consisted of snacking, packing, snacking, and really just trying to finish up all the leftover snacks we had. 🙂 Barcelona was such a fun city to explore and I’m so glad we chose it as our 2nd city for our honeymoon. We plan to go back to Spain again sometime in the near future to explore more cities there.



4 thoughts on “Barcelona, Spain | Day 5 & Day 6

  1. michaelamanningtravel says:

    Amazing post – all that food made me hungry! I am looking at Barcelona for my next travel destination, so i’m taking notes! I’ve never been to Spain before (oddly!) so it’s next on my list. I have been to portugal though, and I know they have great beaches too… I’ve just finished writing up my destination guide about the country.

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