About Lilly



Chateau de Versailles, November 2014


“Eat More Travel Often”

Currently living in Seattle, I am a full-time business owner & part-time blogger {for fun}. In 2011, I quit my finance job to open a cafe with my boyfriend (now husband 🙂 ). While juggling a finance internship with college life & academics, I also interned for a Japanese newspaper in the marketing department. My marketing internship later turned to a part-time position where I worked as a journalist writing my own car enthusiast & fashion columns.

I’ve been blogging since my teen days when Xanga was first created and have been writing on & off since. I find joy in sharing my travel stories (I’ve been traveling internationally starting at the ripe age of 6 & have been obsessed with travel since!), life experiences, personal thoughts, recipes, & so much more.

This lifestyle blog is used as a memoir to collect & document everything that goes on in my life. I hope you like what you see and please subscribe! ❤



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